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Digitizing is the process of converting a digital image into a stitch file that can be read by an embroidery machine and interpreted as different stitch types.

First, we analyze the artwork to see if it should be edited for embroidery. Not all logos that were designed for a print media such as a business card will work well for embroidery. Many designs need to be simplified. In addition to correctly sizing a logo, some elements such as outlining may need to be eliminated and small text may need to be enlarged.

After the artwork has been modified in a graphics program, the file is opened in an embroidery program where it is used as a template for creating a stitch file.

Although many left chest business logos are fairly easy to digitize, designs with fine detail, small text and lots of color changes require more set-up time. Digitizing is a careful process that requires time and experience to be performed correctly. Special attention is placed on how the design will sew and what type of fabric the design will be stitched on. A well digitized design will enhance your logo.

Not all digitizing is created equal. We pay close attention to detail and do not cut short on stitch count. We want your logo to look great so you look great.

Pricing for digitizing is based on stitch count. As every design is unique, please contact us for pricing.

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